Thursday, 26 July 2007

Melbourne to Ballarat Classic - DNF-age

This race was a disaster on the outside (DNF) but after seeing my Polar stats I was stoked.
I got lost after getting dropped by limit by taking the wrong turn off and having to find my way to the finish. Ended up coming across the line the wrong way! All my own fault as I didn't read the race route in the Program. I didn't even bother picking up a Program. I'm shit with directions anyway and wouldn't have remembered them after being on the rivet for 2+ hrs. One thing that pisses me off about CSV is the lack of race details on the site. There's great sites out there (bikely is one) that lets you draw on maps, save them and hell, you can even link to them!
Another thing that 'may' have been better done was topping up my fuel. I had one Gel while out on the road. I was that much under the pump that I could only manage to get one Gel down. I say 'may' because when I blew out the back of the 5min then Limit bunches I didn't feel like I had bonked. I just couldn't hold the pace anymore. And 'Pace' it was! Well for me anyway. After downloading my Polar data, it turned out being the most intense HR race I've done. So for that reason I can say I was stoked with my effort as it was pretty bloody hard.
I got dropped by the bunch I started with (5 mins) at the 63km mark. I'd been holding with them pretty well until then. I remember it was my turn to roll off the back to come forward and a gap had formed between me and the guy in front. It took me till hitting the front to make up the gap so by the time I was cutting the air up front and had the next guy roll over the front, I'd had the stuffing taken outa my legs. Then when it was my my turn again I hadn't recovered and blew off the back.
13mins with 10kms covered later, limit came past and basically went. Some guy in the middle of the bunch gave me a helping push to try and get me up to speed, but it didn't help I was gooorrrrrnn!

After this I needed to forget the bike & life in general for the rest of the weekend as things had got pretty pear shaped over the last month or two. One thing that soothes my soul is heading out into the snow for some solo backcountry snowboarding. And the best place to do this is up Mt Hotham way.
So early Sunday morning it was in the car and off up the Hume. I was parked at Diamantina Hut by 10am and dropping into Baldly Hollow for the 1st run within the hour. This was the 1st time I'd snowboarded in 2 years and I surprisingly still had it. The snow was deep, fun deep. Until it was time to walk out. This took an hour and felt like one step forward two back in the thick fluffy snow. After sweating it out making the 1st steps I decided that I was just going to stick to the same area and keep using the same steps. The subsequent ascents took 25mins now that the steps were established. Six drops in all and 900 metres for vertical gained by walking back up for the day. Now I was shagged. Back to the car by 4pm and back to Melbourne without Coffee or RedBull!?

A rest week this week with a fun night at DISC tonight. Then it's back into the training next week.

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