Monday, 25 June 2007

Northern Combine - Carlsruhe Weighbridge 23-06-07

I was shitting myself at the start. 1st A Grade race, and the guys are young and very fit looking. It's a slow start, with nothing really happening for at least 15-20mins. Then the breaks started coming. I just kept near the front and go with some, worked to get some back or just sit in as other work to bring them back. I manage to get into the one that sticks. The break was made on the 2nd time around up the main rise on the course at around the 50km mark. There was four of us, with two BikeNow riders, one being Jono Lovelock. I worked when I could but did miss some turns making sure that BikeNow did the majority due to their advantage.
The main rise comes for a third time and the elastic breaks for me. I bust my nut trying to get back on on the down, but they too were doing the same speed as I did time checks. I kept at it but the time checks showed I was not gaining. I wasn't loosing time either. This kept me at it. 20kms of this and I'm blown and they disappear into the sunset. Now I want to protect my 4th as I really want it and have worked shit loads up to this point. So I keep riding as hard as I can. I start worrying about the exit point on the loop as I've never raced the course. If I miss it, I'm around again like a mouse on a mouse wheel of pain. Thankfully it's marshalled well and I feel the relief knowing it will all be over soon. No Peloton in sight behind. They've probably taken the foot off, but I'm not taking the chance. I want 4th! And I get it!

Race Course

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