Sunday, 3 June 2007

Preston Mountain Classic - 2007

This was the 1st race for me since the Baw Baw Classic and it was great to get out there racing again.
On the drive out, it was wet and cold but by the time we rolled out at 10:00, it wasn’t too bad. Just the wet roads to be mindful of.
The pace felt high as we tried to catch the three minute bunch up the road. I was really straining for the first third of the race but ended up finding my legs in the second third. Or did the pace just drop slightly to a more manageable level? :-P
Apart from James, the rest of scratch I’d never seen before and was impressed with their huge pistons that powered us along the flats. I remember at one point following Justin Davis and feeling sorry for his poor drive chain as he shifted it to a higher gear and an all mighty ‘KUNN’ came from his bike. I’ve only ever really heard that sound with sprinters going up the rise at Kew Crits. Justin seemed to make the noise with most gear shifts!
By the 66km mark we’d only past a handful of riders. This also marked the climb of the day. Everyone went out hard. Or was I just slow? Maybe the latter as I was last over, even though I was still red lining my HR.
Over the top, I then TT’ed my way up to a waiting James Broadway and two others. It was then a tired working group to Broadford.

Polar Race stats.

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