Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Victorian 2009/10 State XC Series - Round 3

Round 3 was back in Bendigo, though on different soil to the last round here. The course was in an area that was used for part of the National Marathon Championships, so I had some idea on what we were in for. I got a practice lap in and ended up having an off and egging my shin with my pedal. Not the best start to the day but it was soon forgotten as we all lined up in one long line in a large paddock ready for a drag race up a incline then round a sweeping right and down into freshly cut single track. Before any of the categories started there was a fitting minutes silence to remember Black Saturday.

The Elite field are 1st then us, Expert, and I'm fighting to stay with the young legs as we crest. Surprisingly I'm fourth wheel and have a good view of the front runners as we weave along a dried up creek bed. Next comes some climbing and I sense 3rd wheel is about to pop from 2nd, so I jump past then bridge. Tom Grant, who is in 1st, is drawing away but at this stage I'm happy to stick with Matt Molan who I came 2nd to last time we were racing in Bendigo. A little over half way on the 1st lap and Tom is back with us. It's on a rise and I punch past the both of them. Back around to the start\finish\feed zone and Matt is marking me from 2nd wheel. As we enter the feed area I notice Sean is just in front and is about to take my bottle but it's quickly transferred to me and there's no loss in time just a change in front man back to Matt. At this point it feels like it's down to just the two of us. We verbally reacquaint ourselves with each other and keep the pace on to keep our lead. Towards the end of lap 2, I decide to kick again to see if I can shake Matt.
This continues and I feel like I break him on lap 3 though it hasn't come without its price combined with the heat.
Lap 4 is spent conserving my lead and keeping it smooth while also keeping something in the tank to combat any late surges. There's no surges and I keep my lead and cross the line 1st!

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