Wednesday, 8 October 2008

All things new

Wow, a long time between blogs. Things got all pair shaped on the work front and I found it impossible to keep up any riding route for a good three months. I was basically living off commutes to and from work and a sanity saver ride most Sundays. I'm happy now that over the past two weeks things are getting back to normal and I've had some great weekends riding both days again.
While riding road I've been aboard this bang up beauty of a Lynskey R320 that D.C graciously handed over to me to ride! It's the first time for me aboard a Ti bike with the last two being CF's. The ride is firmer than CF I reckon, which isn't a hassle for me as I love to feel the ride when on any bike. I love feedback from a bike and this gives it to you. The frame feel is quite different too. I noticed a loose feeling in the front compared to the Tarmac when just cruising along seated and on the hoods. This was a bit concerning to tell you the true as I thought it was going to feel like a sponge descending! The phenomenal thing about this bike is that it tightens up when you want it to and relaxes when you do. Stomping up hills was the first test and yep, it feels like all my effort is hitting the tarmac and not getting washed away through the frame. Now that I'd gain some altitude, time to point it down hill and into some corners hoping like hell it didn't corner like a sponge. Again the frame came to attention at speed and feels like a precision arrow that goes around corners upon your command. 'Arrrh relief' at first then exhilaration. I rode the Tour de Burbs for the 1st time in ages a few weeks back and was happy that I could still hang on. On the descent of Foote St I managed to find a pot hole and the rear immediately flatted with the front going down like the titanic as I tried to keep the bike under control and come to a stop. The tube I had went in the back and I repaired the front with a patch. After inspecting the situation closer the day after, the back rim was trashed with a nice flat spot. Thankfully D.C had a sweet pair of King hubs laced in to some DT RR1.1 doubles till the Bontrager's are repaired.
There's been a fare bit of excitement on the S-Works Stumpy too. I tried out some Geax Mezcal 1.9 TNTs over the weekend up at Mt. Macedon... Fast! This will come in handy as I head to Canberra for the Scott 24hr to race as a pair with Ash Hayat. He asked me a week ago after a Sunday ride around Westerfolds. It should slap some base back into my legs! This will be my first 24hr race so I'm just shitting myself a teeny bit with the lack of training in the legs. I've done two Melb 12hrs in a pair and they both hurt with appropriate training. Spose I can always retire to the tent and let Ash finish since he suggested doing it in the first place! :P
Ooo, and we have new shop kits too to complete the transformation from the old name to the new Fitzroy Revolution!

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GPLama said...

Good to see you back on the blog 'wooster you rooster! I could have done with your hardworking and friendly wheel last weekend at Newham!

Old man, new tricks

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia