Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Summer Holidays

Summer is definitely here, which means turn up the MTB rides! I got to spend a few days down at Johanna with Darren D and his family. Day one was a nice little ride on the MTB around a small loop that Darren had put together in the area. This had great sea views as we descended along a ridge towards Johanna beach.
The next day we headed for the Forrest trails and bumped into Emma C, Dave O at the carpark. They had already been out and had stopped by to get more food and water before heading out again. We took in 2 laps with them of the smash fest up of ‘Barlidjaru’ and the fun down of the ‘Red Carpet’. I had a few scary moments as I tried to hold their wheels on the down.
The following day was a road ride that would take me through Apollo Bay, up to Forrest via the Skenes Creek climb, onto Colac along the flats then back to Johanna via Gillebrand up to Lavers Hill. This loop would be even better if started from Forrest I reckon. Stack up all the climbing towards the end for maximum hurt!
New Years Eve was forecasted as a hottie, so a good opportunity to get in an early morning roll to Ferguson and back, then a dip in the ocean before it got way too hot to do anything.
New Years day on the way back to Melbourne I stopped in at Forrest again to bang out some more MTB’ing.

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