Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Roadies are weak and pathetic!

I should know I’m one… I came to this enlightenment after stepping onto my Tanita BC533 last night for the 1st time since the end of November last year. I’d gained 3kg! Now you’d jump to the conclusion that it was just excess Christmas cheer that I was carrying. So I went through the various screens that you are given;
Body Fat %, no change… Body Water %, normal… Hell, even my Bone Mass was the same as back in November Hmmm, what does Muscle Mass read? Aa-ha! There you are 3kg! I’ve gained 3kgs of rippling Arnie Action with the increase of MTB’ing I’ve been doing!
So I’ve concluded that Roadies are weak & Pathetic and MTBer’s are REAL men. I reckon I’ll consolidate this after getting smashed by the Expert field this weekend racing Round 2 of the Vic State XC Series up in Bendigo. My 1st XC race! Can't wait!


Bleve said...

Real men? I give you exhibit A :

Weedy little MTB'ers ... ha!

Jay Woo said...

He looks like a trackie to me :P

Old man, new tricks

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia