Sunday, 9 December 2007

Metro Track Champs for Muppets

A fleeting visit to DISC for me on Sunday to cram study for the Metro Track Champs on the 15-16th Dec. I’ve got myself down for the 3000m Pursuit. You can get quite techie with this event so I’ve found out over the past couple of weeks. Today was a quick and nasty session to try and figure out;

Standing start half lap times.
Rolling lap times.
What gear to ride.

Once you have these you pump them into a Pursuit calculator (XLS spreadsheet) and Bob’s your Uncle you have a ‘schedule’ to ride to.
There was fuck all people there and I was able to drag out the gas starting block and give it a go too. To finish up the 3hr session I rode a dress rehearsal 3000m minus the starting gate and was happy with a time of 3:56. Race day could slash maybe another 5-10secs? We will see next Sunday.


GPLama said...

Under 4 mins, Sweeeett!! You'll knock 10secs off that easy on race day... I'll be on the fence screaming something at you about walking home if you dont!!! :)

Though that tactic may not work, DISC is a short walk home for you :P

Jay Woo said...

You could threaten to shove a Crack Pipe up where da sun don’t shine? That'd get me motoring! Not something you’d want to carry through if I don’t go under 3:50 though :P

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