Tuesday, 4 September 2007

King Lake Casualty - the aftermath

I haven't had road rash like this since my teens\early 20's back in my skateboarding days. Back then it was just try and let it dry out & scab.
I’ve got Duoderm on my forearm which is leaking plasma but it is manageable (thanks for the patches & info Dr R3). I tried Duoderm on my bum, but there was just too much plasma and it didn’t stay on. So it has been Melolin patches with Solosite gel to keep it moist (thanks for the tip Jono). I’m going to try and use a Duodrem patch again tonight as the Plasma seems to have eased off. The good Dr R3 has informed me that he's scored a HUGE sheet that should cover my derriere! Cheers Dr R3!
I've now got even more appreciation for the guys in the Pro Peleton. My road rash is pretty tame compared to theirs.
It ain't that sore really, just annoying with all this plasma oozing all the time. Though I'm starting to feel a little soreness setting in, so it might be a different tune tomorrow morning.
As to what happened; It's really hard to say as it all happened so quick. Every time I try and replay the event it's just the getting up I remember.
It could have been a combination of;
Speed, too fast.
The difference in wheelset\tyres to what I'd been training on over the last few months.
I can't remember doing it but I could of touched the brakes as I saw the car come from around the corner even though it was not causing me any issue. I know sometimes I get a small fright when descending and a car pops around a blind corner.
I remember noting on the ride that my brakes came on sooner with the Easton wheelset than with the Mavics.
Last night I remembered that I hadn't downloaded my Polar data and that it would have recorded the last know speed I was doing. It was 46.4km\h. 5 secs before that, 52.2km\h!

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