Tuesday, 18 September 2007

2007’s Melbourne 12hr MTB Enduro

Last year this was my 1st MTB race and I really enjoyed it. So when Darren asked if I was keen to do it again as a pair with him again, the thumbs pointed skyward.
I took the Friday off to give me time to get supplied up, out on course to claim a spot and ride a few laps with Darren.
There was a small change to the course in the 1st loop. Some new single track that slowly climbed finishing in a rocky section that I couldn’t ride through. There was a small change on the 2nd loop, but it didn’t really notably change it. There were still the two rock gardens that I had to walk last year. This year was no different. After giving them a crack on Friday, it was still going to be safer for me to walk them.

Race Day
This year Darren rode the opening lap. Last year it was me and I crashed twice just in the short mayhemic Prologue section. With my road rash still gooey & under 2nd skin, I didn’t want to risk any ‘offs’. Darren came through unscathed and it was now my turn for lap 1. This ended up been my fastest and it felt like it was as smooth as I was going to get it. A perfect was to start the day. This year Darren had teed up Graeme from VicMTB to mech for us. This was pure luxury! It made the rests between laps a heap more relaxed. Basically you just had to worry about fooding up while Graeme went over your bike asking if there was anything needing attention!
Lap 3 was a highlight lap. While in transition I noticed three 2xxx riders go through. I assumed they were ahead of us so the challenge was on seeing if I could catch them out on course. The 1st rider I came up on in the sandy single track and found a gap to get past before the 1st single track climb. The 2nd guy I got on some of the fire road before coming back into the start\finish area for the 1st time. OK, where’s the last one? I spot him along the flat before the last pinch. At the base I go for granny but the chain doesn’t drop and just gives me that dumb sound of chain rub. I try again, same thing but now I’m on the pinch and can’t faf anymore so I lock out the ass end of the bike and grind it up in middle. I manage to keep the bike going and go past him in the process! Woo Hoo, now we’re racing!
It’s short lived on the next lap (4) though. I notice guy #3 goes past again in transition but this time he’s FLYIN’ and I can’t catch him even though I’m diggin’ in as hard as I can. He musta been playing with me last lap:) This is the last lap that I will see my heart rate go into my max zone. Now it’s time to see just how far my base will take me. I just keep plugging away for the next few trying to keep it my lines clean and the effort solid. This is the time that you just gota keep smashing away even though your legs have had the edge taken off them.
Before heading out for lap 7 I mounted the light system. HID on the helmet with a 3w LED on the bars as backup. At the transition Darren tells me he’s cramping up and needs to take time out so I’m out for 2 and pace it accordingly.
I come in just after the 9pm mark and Darren asked if he ‘parks’ or comes in if there is time left. “FUCK YEAH! Bring it home if there’s time!”.
So it’s the waiting game at the transition in Darren’s Down jacket. The MC sees me and starts banging on about surely I don’t want to go out again? “FUCK YEAH!” is my delirious reply. There’re lots of motionless lights hiding in the trees forming the parking lot waiting for the 12hrs to expire now. One of the solo guys comes in with 10 or so minutes to go. He fills his bottle with flat Coke and takes a swill and he’s back out there. Then one of the BSC pairs comes in and they too are out for another. The MC gives the 1mintue to go call, still no Darren & no moving lights in the bushes.
Then I see a light approaching the creek crossing 50 metres from Transition! Holy fuck, it’s Darren! SWEEEET! He’s home with 20 seconds to spare. Off with the Down Jacket, on with the wrist band and I’m GORN!
Then I notice that there’s this motor bike following behind me. Must be sweeping the course. HA! I’ve just made his night a little longer :) But he soon gets on my nerves and starts to piss me off riding on my ass.
I get to the 1st climb on the 1st loop and pass Solo rider. Sweet! Now there’s no motorbike and I can enjoy the lap. I gather up 2 more riders and give them a bucket of encouragement.
I get back to transition and Darren is there and we start pissing ourselves laughing. He also thinks we may have jumped up a spot too, which doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the race but it made the race all that more sweeter I reckon.

Full event results PDF here.

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